Do you think you might be pregnant and need an abortion? If you live in the area around Roscoe, Illinois, pregnancy resources are available for you just fifteen minutes north in Beloit, Wisconsin.

Willow Womens Center is a real medical clinic with compassionate professionals who recognize the personal nature of the decisions you are facing about your pregnancy options. We also understand how scary it feels to be unexpectedly pregnant and not know where to turn for help. Our patient care team includes licensed medical professionals and trained advocates who specialize in serving women just like you.

If you want unbiased information along with services in a safe environment where you will not be judged, contact us today for a confidential appointment.

Beloit Office Location

2680 Prairie Ave, Beloit, WI

(608) 312-2025

Office Hours

Monday 9am – 4pm

Tuesday 9am – 4pm

Wednesday 9am – 4pm

Our No Cost Services

It is not uncommon to feel helpless when you are unexpectedly pregnant. Yet, our compassionate, licensed healthcare professionals at Willow Womens Center are available to empower you with the information you need to be confident again. If you live in or around Roscoe, please reach out!

Our caring advocates can help you take one step at a time. Our services include:

  • Medical-grade pregnancy testing: Even if you already took a home pregnancy test and the results were positive, we will provide a medical-grade pregnancy test, which allows us to present you with written verification of your pregnancy.
  • Limited pregnancy ultrasound: The next step is a limited pregnancy ultrasound to confirm a viable pregnancy since a pregnancy test cannot do that, and to determine the age of the pregnancy.
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing: If your pregnancy test is positive, we also offer STI testing. An untreated STI can lead to you contracting an infection such as pelvic inflammatory disease, which can lead to reproductive system damage and infertility. (We currently offer this service to all residents of the Stateline area.)
  • Education: You cannot make an informed decision about your unexpected pregnancy without being equipped with accurate facts. We care about you and strive to empower you, so you can make a confident choice that is right for you.
  • Referrals: If your STI test is positive, we provide a prescription (Chlamydia) or referrals (Gonorrhea) so you can receive the proper treatment. We can also provide various community resources,which offer tangible assistance.
  • Parenting Classes: We offer a series of free parenting classes designed to address all the stages and challenges that parents might face. Whether you are pregnant with your first child or already have children at home, you will leave with new learnings that will empower you to raise healthy, happy, and successful children.

If you think you might be unexpectedly pregnant, contact Willow Womens Center today for your confidential appointment. YOU are our priority, and we believe you are capable of making the right choice for you and your future.

No cost women's center in beloit

About Roscoe

Called “Growing With Pride” by the local community, the Village of Roscoe, Illinois, is the fastest growing area in Winnebago County because of the quality of life it offers to its 10,526 residents.

What makes Roscoe so appealing that it was voted in the top 10% in Illinois to raise a family? In addition to the low crime rate and highly-rated schools, the location is beautiful, convenient, and full of opportunities.

The community is nestled amidst the splendid rolling hills of the Rock River. Residents can enjoy suburban-rural living while the perks of bigger towns and cities are close and accessible by way of nearby I-90 and IL-251.

The Parks and Recreation Department of Roscoe meticulously maintains several family parks as well as trails for outdoor fun and adventure. For families with children, the Robert J. Cross Memorial Park provides separate playgrounds for older and younger kids — both crafted with an inviting treehouse theme.

The Stone Bridge Trail offers a 5.8 mile, crushed stone pathway built on a former rail bed from the 1850s. There are numerous places to dine in Roscoe, ranging from Sushi to good ‘ole hometown pubs, but visitors often enjoy stopping at the Poison Ivy Pub in Roscoe after a refreshing day on the trails.