When faced with the uncertainty and fear brought on by an unplanned pregnancy, know that Willow Women’s Center is here to support you. We empathize with the overwhelming emotions you may be experiencing and are dedicated to guiding you through this difficult time. Our confidential pregnancy services are completely free, ensuring you receive the information you need to make an informed decision about your future.

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Our No Cost Services

It is not uncommon to feel helpless when you are unexpectedly pregnant. Yet, our compassionate, licensed healthcare professionals at Willow Women’s Center are available to empower you with the information you need to be confident again.

Our caring advocates can guide you one step at a time through the following services:

  • Medical-grade pregnancy testing: Even if you have already taken a home pregnancy test with a positive result, we offer a medical-grade pregnancy test that provides written verification of your pregnancy.
  • Limited pregnancy ultrasound: To confirm a viable pregnancy and determine the age of the pregnancy, we offer a limited pregnancy ultrasound, which cannot be done by a pregnancy test alone.
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing: In addition to pregnancy testing, we offer STI testing to all Stateline area residents. An untreated STI can lead to reproductive system damage, infertility, and other health complications.
  • Education: We believe that accurate information is essential for making an informed decision about your unexpected pregnancy. Our goal is to empower you with the facts so that you can make a confident choice that is right for you.
  • Referrals: If your STI test is positive, we can provide a prescription (Chlamydia) or referrals (Gonorrhea) for proper treatment. We can also connect you with various community resources that offer tangible assistance.
  • Parenting Classes: We offer a series of free parenting classes that cover all stages and challenges that parents may face. Whether you are expecting your first child or already have children at home, you will leave with new knowledge that will empower you to raise healthy, happy, and successful children.

If you think you might be unexpectedly pregnant, contact Willow Womens Center today for your confidential appointment. YOU are our priority, and we believe you are capable of making the right choice for you and your future.

No Cost Women's Center near Rockford

About Rockford

Rockford, IL, often referred to as the “Forest City,” is a vibrant and diverse city located in Winnebago County in northern Illinois. With a rich history dating back to the 1830s, Rockford has grown to become the third-largest city in the state, offering a perfect blend of urban amenities and natural beauty.

One of the city’s defining features is its picturesque landscape, characterized by the Rock River that winds its way through the heart of the city. The lush parks and green spaces lining the riverbanks provide residents and visitors alike with ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as hiking, biking, boating, and picnicking.

Rockford boasts a dynamic cultural scene, with various museums, art galleries, and performance venues scattered throughout the city. The Coronado Performing Arts Center, a historic theater, hosts a variety of concerts, plays, and other events that cater to diverse tastes. 

For those interested in history, Rockford offers several museums, including the Discovery Center Museum, the Burpee Museum of Natural History, and the Midway Village Museum. These institutions provide educational and engaging exhibits that delve into the region’s past, from its Native American heritage to its industrial roots.

Rockford’s welcoming community fosters a strong sense of pride and camaraderie among its residents. The city hosts numerous festivals and events year-round, including the internationally renowned Rockford Airfest, which draws aviation enthusiasts from all over the country.

In conclusion, Rockford, IL, is a city that beautifully combines its natural charm, cultural assets, and industrious spirit, making it an attractive place to live, work, and explore.