Why an Abortion is Not a Yes or No Decision

There are a lot of things in this world that are black and white, but abortion is not one of them. Your decision about your pregnancy is one that no one can make for you, although we know there are plenty of women who are pressured towards either outcome by those around them. We don’t want to be part of a world that says there is only one way to handle pregnancy because we know there are hundreds of emotions involved in this delicate situation. You have options, you have choices – make the one that is right for YOU.

What If I’m Not Sure

We see this a lot because pregnancy tests are confusing, and they aren’t always conclusive. There are several reasons for a false reading of a pregnancy test including medical conditions, the test was taken too soon, or the test was expired. All these reasons can lead to a false reading which may mislead you into thinking that you are pregnant or that you are not. Sometimes women wait so long to take a test because they don’t want to know, they don’t want it to be true. Others don’t take a test because they don’t feel any symptoms and don’t think about it. There are dozens of scenarios that may lead you to suspect or assume you could pregnant but how can you be certain?

How to Be Sure

A pregnancy test does not confirm a viable pregnancy. We say ‘viable pregnancy’ because up to 30% of pregnancies naturally terminate on their own. There are many reasons a pregnancy might not be viable. A viable pregnancy is defined as one that has a reasonable chance of a baby making it to full term. Pregnancy is extremely complicated and at every stage, there are plenty of chances for something to go wrong, which is why only an ultrasound can confirm a viable pregnancy.

Assessing Your Pregnancy

During your no-cost appointment at Willow Womens Center, after you have a positive pregnancy test, you will be offered an ultrasound. A licensed medical professional will verify if you are indeed pregnant and if that pregnancy is viable. This test also allows the staff member to the age of your pregnancy which will help you as you explore all legal abortion and pregnancy options available to you. Without this information, you may make a choice that isn’t made in confidence. In fact, some abortion clinics don’t confirm pregnancy before performing an abortion which means they do something physically and emotionally that might be entirely unnecessary. Arming yourself with information is extremely important when you have a vital decision to make.

At Willow Womens Center, you’ll be welcomed with open arms into a facility that offers you a medical-grade pregnancy test, an ultrasound, and a limited STI test to provide you with all the vital information you need to make the best decision for you. We want to help ensure you feel knowledgeable about what options you have and empower you to make the decision in a safe space. To schedule your no-cost appointment today, give us a call or visit our appointment page today. No matter what you face, you won’t be alone at Willow Womens Center.