Signs You Might Be Pregnant

A lot of women think that the first sign you could be pregnant is a missed period. In reality, there are a lot of early signs pointing to a possible pregnancy. Of course, things vary from one woman to the next, so you may not experience all of them, or some may not appear as early for you as they do for someone else.

At Willow Womens Center, we know that facing an unexpected pregnancy can be hard. It certainly starts you on an emotional roller coaster that isn’t nearly as fun as those at Six Flags. If you think you might be pregnant, take a look at the early signs of pregnancy below and see if any of them match up to things you are experiencing.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Fatigue: You may feel exhausted and want to sleep all the time. This is because your body is working very hard and all your energy is being used on your pregnancy.

Nausea/vomiting: A lot, but not all, women experience this. For some, it’s first thing in the morning, while others have it happen at night. Eating many small meals or snacking regularly on crackers may help you through this.

Tender/swollen breasts: Remember the way your breasts feel when you get your period? Multiply that by 10. They may enlarge, the nipples can become darker, and a vein may become visible.

Spotting: Light bleeding or spotting can mean the embryo has implanted into the uterine wall. This usually happens about a week before you would expect your period but can fool some women into thinking they’ve had a period.

Aversion to certain foods: You may experience times when foods you normally like make you feel sick. Even the thought of some can do that, and the smell can do it as well. Beware, sometimes your sense of smell is enhanced and that might lead to nausea as well.

Cramping: Cramping, similar to menstrual cramps, can occur, but is less common than other symptoms.

Mood swings: Hormones get the blame for this one and can affect the neurotransmitters in the brain. This can take the crabbiness level you usually experience during your period and make that seem like Happy Days. If you have trouble dealing with this, talk to your doctor and see what help they can offer.

Peeing: Another one to blame on the hormones, increased blood flow through your kidneys, and a growing uterus pressing on your bladder. This can begin as soon as one week after implantation.

Dizziness or fainting: This can happen due to the uterus compressing major arteries in your legs while standing and cause your blood pressure to drop. Don’t skip meals or going too long without food as it can cause blood sugar to drop and result in feeling dizzy.

Constipation: Hormones can slow down bowel functions to allow for better absorption of vitamins and nutrients.

Heartburn: As the uterus grows, the hormone HCG slows down digestion, so your stomach doesn’t empty as fast, increasing stomach acid and causing that uncomfortable feeling of heartburn.

Come See Us for Testing

If the early signs you might be pregnant sound familiar, you are probably thinking its time to take a pregnancy test. We are here to help you at Willow Womens Center with no cost pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and STI testing.

One of our licensed medical staff members will administer the medical-grade pregnancy test and discuss your results with you immediately afterward. If the result was positive, we will provide you with a no-cost ultrasound.

An ultrasound can tell you how far along you are, determine the location of the pregnancy (If your pregnancy develops in your fallopian tubes, this is called an ectopic pregnancy and can be life-threatening), and will tell you the gestational age, an important piece of information if you are considering an abortion.

An ultrasound may also help determine the risk that you might miscarry: 20% of all pregnancies do not carry to term and 80% of all miscarriages happen in the first trimester (first 13 weeks). If it is determined that you are at risk for a miscarriage or have an ectopic pregnancy, you may not need to have an abortion. Instead, you would need to seek prompt medical attention.

Willow Womens Center also provides testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea. Since abortion can be an invasive procedure, untreated STI’s can be pushed into the uterus where they can drastically affect your long-term reproductive health and future fertility. An untreated STI can leave you with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, causing chronic abdominal pain, fever, abnormal bleeding, nausea and infertility.

Once all the testing has been completed, we will give you clear, unbiased information, answer all your questions openly and honestly, and give you the support you need to make a decision about your future. We know that having all the information you need will give you the confidence and peace about the choice you make, whatever it is.


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Pregnant and Deciding What to Do?

You just took a pregnancy test and it is positive. A lot of thoughts will be running through your mind. There may be shock. There may be panic. You might secretly hope that the test result was not right, that the test was not working properly. These thoughts and feelings come in waves and are making it hard to know what to do now and who to talk to.

At Willow Womens Center we understand what that is like. We are here to help you sort through your thoughts and feelings. We will provide you with unbiased information to help you through the process of making some hard, but very important, decisions about your current situation and your future. But first of all, give yourself a break and just breathe.

Your first step should be to make an appointment with us so we can confirm the results of your home test with one of our medical-grade urine-based pregnancy tests. This will be the starting point for you to determine what to do next and which option to choose – abortion, parenting or adoption. Just as no two women are the same, no two people approach the process in the exact same way. This is because each of us holds different beliefs, values, and has different goals for their future.

Pregnancy Screening

At your appointment we will use our lab-grade pregnancy test to confirm whether you are pregnant or not. This test is done at no cost to you. Sometimes a home pregnancy test isn’t as accurate, especially if it was taken too early. If our urine pregnancy test is positive and if there are no obvious medical issues, we suggest you allow us to conduct an ultrasound, also at no cost to you.

Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to generate images – this is the earliest way to detect if your pregnancy is viable. About 20 percent of all pregnancies end in natural miscarriage, most of these miscarriages occur in the first trimester. We do not perform a diagnostic ultrasound. We simply confirm that there is a heartbeat, we determine the gestational age (how far along you are) by measurements and we confirm the proper placement in the uterus. If there seems to be any medical concern, we will recommend you consult a physician or ER/Urgent Care facility as soon as possible.

If you are considering abortion as one of your options, it is important to know the gestational age since this is used to determine what type of abortion procedure is available to you. STI testing is a requirement if you consider an abortion. An untreated STI can lead to many medical complications, incl. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) which is painful and could result in future fertility problems. We provide limited STI testing, also free of charge to you.

Your Choices

After the positive pregnancy test and the ultrasound it is time to talk about your choices. At Willow Womens Center, we care about you holistically: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and we want to support you in all of those three areas. One of our staff members will talk with you about your options – abortion, adoption and parenting. We will try to answer your questions and will strive to provide you with the information you may need to make the best decision for you and your personal circumstances.

Our team cares about you and is committed to providing information in a non-judgmental environment.

Let’s talk about your 3 options:

Abortion ends the pregnancy. There are several abortion methods, depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy. We will give you clear, accurate information on the different procedures.

Parenting means letting your pregnancy go full-term. We strive to answer your questions on what this means for you and will offer information about resources available to you. We also offer a program called SAFE START that provides support and education for all aspects of your pregnancy, delivery and the post-natal time.

Adoption is a way of choosing life by placing the responsibility in the hands of others. You may decide that abortion isn’t right for you, but you are also not ready to be a parent, either. Adoption may be the right option for you.

At Willow Womens Center, your health and well-being comes first. Make an appointment for a consultation and the free pregnancy test/ultrasound and let us help you consider all your options. YOU ARE OUR TOP PRIORITY.

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Understanding a Pregnancy Test Result: Positive or Negative?

Pregnancy tests have come a long way from ancient times, when women used wheat and barley seeds. If the wheat seeds sprouted, she was having a girl, and if the barley seeds did, then she was having a boy. No sprouting meant she wasn’t pregnant. Thankfully, today’s tests are a lot easier, and you don’t have to wait for days.

Types of Pregnancy Tests

There are three different types of pregnancy tests, and while you will likely get an accurate result one day after a missed period, it’s generally recommended that you wait a week. Waiting allows the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) to build up in your system, and it is this hormone that two types of tests rely on—home pregnancy tests and clinical urine tests.

The placenta produces the hormone hCG after the embryo attaches to the uterine lining and it starts building up in your system quickly. It is a very good way to test as there is no other reason for that hormone to be present other than pregnancy. It’s this rapid increase in hormones that are responsible for majority of your pregnancy symptoms.

The third type of pregnancy test is a blood test. Those are done at your doctor’s office and are not available for home use.

How Do They Work?

Urine tests can be done both at home or at a clinic or doctor’s office. They can also be performed two different ways. One is to catch urine in a cup and then dip the “stick” into it or put urine into a special container with an eyedropper. The other way is to hold the end of the stick in the urine stream.

The testing kit is a slender plastic piece roughly seven inches long with a window or two halfway down and a couple of inches of exposed, usually white, stiff material. It is this exposed material that is dipped into a cup or catches urine midstream.

Once the stick has been soaked with the urine, a provided cap can be snapped on for cleanliness, and it can take up to 10 minutes for the result, depending on the brand of test used.

Reading the Results

When reading the results, it’s generally made quite obvious for you. Some tests will display a “pregnant” or “not pregnant”, while others will show a plus sign for pregnant and a minus sign for not pregnant or two lines versus one line or even a change in color. Read the packaging your test comes in so you know what type of result you are to look for with that particular test.

Most manufacturers recommend taking home pregnancy tests twice, and it makes sense to wait a few days before taking the second test, just in case you took the first one too early.

Home tests are said to be quite accurate. However, if your period doesn’t come a few days after a second negative test result, check with your doctor.

Make an Appointment

If you aren’t sure your results were accurate, you cannot afford to buy a home test, or you would like confirmation of a positive test result, make an appointment with us at Willow Womens Center.

Our patient care team will welcome you and give you the unbiased answers you want so you can move forward with confidence and make the best decision for you.

When Making a Pregnancy Decision

When you find out that you are unexpectedly pregnant, there are a lot of things to think about, and that’s hard to do when you are scared and overwhelmed. Take a few minutes for yourself, sit down, and just breathe.

When you feel a bit more centered, it’s time to get down to business. Let’s take a look at your options – abortion, adoption, and parenting – and consider which might be YOUR best choice.


Abortion ends the pregnancy.  There are several types of abortion, depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy. One of the deciding factors is time, so if you are considering this as an option, you should know there is a point at which this is no longer an option.

The timeframe allowing for abortion varies from state to state. For instance, Wisconsin allows them to take place up until the max of 20 weeks gestational age, while other states, such as New York, Massachusetts, Florida and Nevada allow abortions up to 24 weeks.

The different options for abortion range from “The Abortion Pill,” which is actually two pills, taken a couple days apart, to surgical procedures that increase in scope and risk the farther along you are in your pregnancy.


About half of the women facing an unplanned pregnancy choose parenting. That doesn’t mean it is an easy decision to make and it comes with its own set of questions. Such as: Am I ready to be a parent? How will I provide? What if my relationship isn’t stable?

Experts suggest writing down your feelings – all of them – and then write down how your values and beliefs affect how you look at each of your options. What are your goals, plans and dreams? Where does pregnancy fit within them?


In the past, the term adoption implied a stigma of failure. Today it is said that choosing adoption means you have done careful planning, and put a lot of emotional effort forth, together with some sacrifices. This decision is made with love, bravery, and selflessness.

Adoption offers many options – some organizations will let you create your personal adoption plan, including choosing the perfect adoptive family, deciding how you want your hospital experience to go, and determining the type of relationship you want to have after adoption.

There is often an adoption specialist assigned to you that helps you navigate your way through open or semi-open adoptions and choosing how to keep in touch, whether through pictures and letters, emails, texts, phone calls or in-person visits.

Make an Appointment for Help

If you need help sorting through these options, make an appointment to come see us at Willow Womens Center. Our caring advocates can help you sort through all the noise and give you information to enable you to decide what the best choice is for you and your personal circumstances.

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Unplanned Pregnancy in Beloit

An unplanned pregnancy in Beloit, or wherever you happen to live, can throw you into a tailspin. Suddenly all the plans you’ve made for your future seem unattainable. Everywhere you turn there seems to be another pregnant woman and most of them look happy.

Realistically, you know your emotions are high and you are wound up tight. Just as you also know that all it will take is for someone to say the wrong thing and you are going to either reply with something nasty, or cry. Neither option is appealing.

To save your co-workers’ feelings and your sanity, there are some steps to take that will gain you a measure of peace and give you the confidence to make the right decisions.

Have Some Tests Done

Sure, you took a pregnancy test at home, and that’s why you’re here. At Willow Womens Center, we offer a free, lab-grade pregnancy test just to double check. False positive tests can happen.

The second step is having an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy is viable. This means the technician is looking to make sure everything appears normal, and the pregnancy is progressing. They also check the gestational age of the fetus and the viability by measuring the heartbeat.

Once those are completed, testing for STD/STIs is important. This ensures treatment in case of a positive result. If an abortion is chosen, an untreated STD can lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and may also result in long-term reproductive health problems, including infertility.

Find Out All the Facts

The next step is to make an appointment at Willow Womens Center. Our caring, supportive team will go over all the test results with you, answer your questions, and make sure you have all the facts and data you need to make an informed decision for your future.

We know that clear, unbiased information given at no charge, and with no agenda, is vital to women making the best possible choice for them. It helps to bring a measure of peace and much-needed confidence that no matter which direction you choose, you will be able to handle it. Visit our center today or make an appointment!

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