How Do I Tell My Family About an Unplanned Pregnancy?

Discovering an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming. It can be even more difficult and stressful when it comes time to tell your family. Before it’s time to tell them, there are a few things you should know to prepare for the task and the potential questions that may arise. 

Be Informed 

An at-home pregnancy test isn’t always accurate. There are a few reasons the test may be wrong such as it being expired, read after too long, or misread evaporation lines. If you’ve taken a pregnancy test and aren’t sure if the results are positive, it’s time for a second opinion. An ultrasound is the only way to accurately confirm a viable pregnancy. Viability in pregnancy means the fetus likely has the ability to survive outside the uterus. There are several different types of non-viable pregnancies that would require intervention of some sort (e.g. an ectopic pregnancy). Another reason an ultrasound is vital is the dating it provides. An ultrasound provides a gestational age of the pregnancy, which allows you to accurately determine all your abortion and pregnancy options. 

It’s also recommended you have one more test performed before you have an abortive procedure. A limited STI screening is very important because if you have an abortion with an unidentified and untreated STI it may lead to further complications. During an abortive procedure, the uterus is opened up, which allows infected cells to travel. This can cause the development of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which leads to a lifelong struggle with reproductive health and possible infertility. 

Be You

One of the most important things to remember when telling your family about an unplanned pregnancy is to remain true to yourself. Don’t try to make the decision someone else wants you to make or one that someone is suggesting you make. Continuing or terminating a pregnancy is your choice and only you can make the decision. We will never try to alter your choice because we truly believe your decision will impact you and it should be one you are confident to make. We don’t take our role lightly and will take as much time as you need to explain all the choices you have to ensure you understand and feel comfortable with your decision. 

Be Empowered 

All this information can be gathered at your no-cost appointment at Willow Womens Center. We provide a safe, comforting, and empowering environment for women from all walks of life facing this situation. Willow Womens Center is conveniently located in Beloit, Wisconsin and offers medical-grade services including a pregnancy test, ultrasound, and STI tests for the two most common STIs, gonorrhea and chlamydia. We want to ensure you are thoroughly informed to make the best decision for you and empowered to tell your family about your unplanned pregnancy and your plan of action. 

Telling family about an unplanned pregnancy can be daunting, and we want to make sure you don’t walk this road alone. Make your no-cost appointment today to learn more about the care and services you’ll receive from us.

Delavan Pregnancy Services

An Easy Drive from Delavan to Willow Womens Center

The City of Beloit, Wisconsin, is located on the Wisconsin/Illinois state line, just southwest of Delavan. Situated near Interstate 39/90 and the I-43 interchange, the Beloit Welcome Center greets over one million tourists each year. Proud of the strength, beauty, and diversity in their community, Beloit is known for its world-class riverfront, the charming downtown, historic residential neighborhoods, and Beloit College.

Less than half an hour’s drive from Delavan, Wisconsin, 100 miles from downtown Chicago, and 70 miles from Six Flags Great America, Beloit has a population of 36,773 (2017 census), and the greater Beloit area has over 110,000. Originally named New Albany in 1837 by its founder, Caleb Blodgett, it was renamed Beloit a year later and hoped it would be reminiscent of Detroit.

In the 1870s the area had become known for its cigars with more than 100 cigar makers calling it home. Beloit is also famous for the inventions of the speedometer, Korn Kurls, and John Francis Appleby’s twine binder used in the reaping of grain.

No-Cost Pregnancy Services Available

delavan pregnancy services

At Willow Womens Center, we offer residents of Delavan pregnancy services, including pre-abortion screening. This type of screening includes a pregnancy test, ultrasound, and testing for STD/STIs. Pregnancy tests and ultrasounds are administered by a licensed medical staff member. An STI screening is done for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Testing for other STIs is given a referral.

No matter what town you call home – Delavan, Beloit or somewhere in between – if you are dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, Willow Womens Center is here for you. We place a high value on confidentiality, a non-judgmental environment, and advocates and medical staff who are kind and compassionate.

Come for the Services, Information, Support

Pregnancy tests are most accurate when taken between 28 to 31 days after the first day of your last period and detect the hormone known as hCG. Even if you have taken a home test, we encourage you to come in for a no-cost test to confirm your results.

If your test is positive, an ultrasound can tell you how far along your pregnancy is and if it is viable. If the pregnancy develops outside the uterus, it is called an ectopic pregnancy and requires immediate medical care.

Ultrasounds are also part of pre-abortion screening. About 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage during the first three months of pregnancy. If a miscarriage is likely to happen, there is no point in having a procedure you may not need. We provide limited ultrasounds for you at no cost so you have all the relevant data you need to make an informed decision.

We also offer limited screening for STD/STIs, which often are present without any symptoms to alert you. If you have ever had unprotected sex, you could be at risk. If you test positive for an STD/STI, we will either give you a prescription or refer you for treatment. Testing and treating an active STD/STI helps to avoid a chronic and painful experience with pelvic inflammatory disease. This is also provided at no cost to you.

No matter whether you live in Beloit or Delavan, Willow Womens Center pregnancy services are right here for you. Call us to schedule an appointment and let our caring advocates and medical staff guide and support you during this difficult time.

Are You Pregnant? Symptoms to Look For

If you’ve been feeling a little “off” lately, more emotional, not really yourself, you might be wondering if you are coming down with the flu, or maybe that nasty cold that has been making the rounds. Have you considered, though, it might be something else? Could you be pregnant? Here are some signs to look for:

If you have had sex since your last period, you could be pregnant. Pregnancies happen every day, despite using contraception. Before you panic, grab a bottle of water, take a seat, relax and get ready to think about these symptoms of pregnancy.

There are quite a few early signs of pregnancy, but many of them can be attributed to other conditions as well. It’s when you recognize several together that it points more strongly toward pregnancy. Keep in mind, you could be pregnant without experiencing or recognizing any of these symptoms.

Most Common Signs of Pregnancy

Fatigue: This can start as early as one week after conception and is thought to be due to the hormone progesterone together with lowered blood sugar, lower blood pressure and increased blood production.

Food, cravings or aversions: Another sign you can thank the hormones for. These aversions and cravings can last the entire pregnancy, can change, or might end by the 13th or 14th week. Beware, this is not limited to eating food, but certain smells can also trigger nausea and vomiting.

Increased urination: Usually begins around the sixth week after conception.

Missed period: The most common symptom of pregnancy. There can be spotting and cramping when the embryo implants into the uterine wall. This could happen between 6-12 days after the egg is fertilized.

Nausea and vomiting: Also called morning sickness, although it doesn’t have to happen in the morning. It can be afternoon, evening or constant.

Tender and/or swollen breasts: As with other signs, this is due mainly to hormones and will ease in a few weeks.

Less Common Signs of Pregnancy

Backaches: Like so many other signs, this is linked to hormones and stress.

Bloating: This also is due to hormones and is similar to the feeling at the beginning of your menstrual period.

Headaches: This might be caused by the increased volume of blood your body is busy producing.

Mood swings: This is common thanks to hormones, especially during the first three months.

Dizziness: This could happen as a result of dilating blood vessels, low blood pressure, and/or low blood sugar.

Constipation: This, too, is due to increased levels of progesterone, although not everyone will experience this.

Darkening of the areolas: The area around the nipple may get larger and darker in color.

Schedule a Pregnancy Test

If you suspect you could be pregnant, make an appointment to come to Willow Womens Center for a no-cost pregnancy test. If it is positive, we will offer you an ultrasound to determine viability of the pregnancy and how far along the pregnancy is. A positive pregnancy test alone is not conclusive.

At Willow Womens Center, we care about you holistically: physically, emotionally, spiritually and want to support you in all of those areas. We are committed to helping you consider all your options, giving you unbiased information and answering your questions.

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How to Deal with an Unexpected Pregnancy

When wondering how to deal with an unexpected pregnancy, you may feel that you are all alone. It is a chaotic time with your emotions kicked into high gear and it can be hard to think clearly. And when you use your phone to look for help, you get information overload. You are probably asking yourself – who can I turn to for help and who can I trust?

At Willow Womens Center, YOU are our priority. If you are unsure of your first step and don’t know where to go, make an appointment at our clinic. We offer a kind, compassionate atmosphere with advocates and licensed medical professionals who will guide you along this new path, give you the information you need, answer your questions, and keep your visit completely confidential.

We care about you holistically: physically, emotionally, spiritually and want to support you in all of those areas.

First Steps

During your appointment, we will offer you a free pregnancy test to confirm your at-home results. At-home tests can occasionally give false results for a variety of reasons, so a second medical-grade test can be important.

If your test results are positive, we will offer you a free ultrasound to confirm the viability of your pregnancy, and to determine how far along your pregnancy is. This is a critical step. An ultrasound that shows the pregnancy is not viable will end in miscarriage.

Up to 20 percent of all pregnancies result in miscarriage and up to 80 percent of those will happen in the first three months of pregnancy. We don’t want you to decide upon, pay for and have an abortion that would not be necessary.

Testing for STIs

We will also help you determine the need for STI testing. This is an important step, especially if you are considering an abortion. Left untreated prior to an abortion, STIs can cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) when bacteria from an active enters the uterus during the abortion procedure.

This condition affects nearly one million women each year. Some have few or no symptoms even though serious damage is being done to reproductive organs. Other women will endure chronic abdominal pain, fever, vaginal discharge, and painful sex. For many it can cause permanent damage including scar tissue that causes infertility.

Your Options

During your visit we will also help you evaluate your options—abortion, parenting and adoption—in a non-judgmental and caring manner. We want you to feel comfortable asking questions and exploring your options in a way that best fits you.

Make an Appointment

Call and make an appointment at our clinic. We are here to support you, to empower you to make the decision that is best for you. We will not try to talk you out of, or into, one choice or another—only you can make that decision.

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How Conclusive is a Positive Pregnancy Test?

Maybe you just have a “feeling,” or perhaps you have had an upset stomach the last couple of mornings. You think you might be pregnant. Before you reach for that at-home pregnancy test, STOP. How conclusive is a positive pregnancy test? Does it matter when you take it?

Actually, yes. If you take a pregnancy test too early, you risk getting an incorrect reading, causing you to think you are pregnant when you really are not or think you are not pregnant when you really are.

How Soon Will a Pregnancy Test Read Positive or Negative?

The first thing you need to do is calculate the day your period is expected. To do this, take the first day of your last period and count forward 28 days. That will be the estimated start of your next menstrual cycle.

Hold on, though! Even though many companies claim their pregnancy tests will accurately read positive or negative on the day your period is due, or even four days before that, you will benefit from waiting until the second day after your period is due.

Why wait to take your pregnancy test? Mayo Clinic says, “Shortly after a fertilized egg attaches to your uterine lining, the placenta forms and produces the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This hormone enters your bloodstream and urine… The earlier you take the home pregnancy test, the harder it might be for the test to detect hCG… If your periods are irregular, you might have a hard time figuring out when your period is due.”

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

Home pregnancy tests use urine to detect hCG. Tests have varying designs for use — some say to place the test stick directly into your urine stream. Others use a collection cup that you can dip the test stick into, while other tests have droppers to transfer the urine drops to a test cartridge.  

After waiting for the prescribed amount of time, usually just a couple of minutes, the results will show in a window on that stick. The results can display in a few different ways — as a plus or minus sign, with the words pregnant or not pregnant, or one or two lines. The Directions for Use included with each test will explain what exactly you should look for when it is time to read the results.

Can You Take a Pregnancy Test While on Your Period?

Yes. If you take a pregnancy test while you are bleeding, it will not affect the test results. It is not uncommon for women to experience bleeding while they are pregnant, although bleeding while pregnant is technically not a period. Sometimes, a woman will get light bleeding around the time her period is due. This is called implantation bleeding and happens when the fertilized egg implants into the uterine lining.

How Can You Get a False-Positive Result?

There are several ways to get a false-positive result. The best way to avoid this is by reading the directions thoroughly before taking the test and making sure you follow them precisely. Instructions can vary from test to test, so don’t assume you know how the one you are using right now works.

Evaporation lines:

An evaporation line is a faint line that appears after the prescribed amount of time has passed. To avoid reading an evaporation line as a false-positive result, make sure you look at the result window exactly when the directions say and not after.

If you wait too long, and you have a non-digital test, you may see a line that you think means you are pregnant. In reality it could be the evaporation line from the urine.

Previous miscarriage, abortion, or birth:

When you are pregnant, the hormone hCG is secreted. After a miscarriage, abortion, or birth, the levels will slowly drop to non-pregnant levels somewhere between nine and 35 days after the pregnancy ended. If you take a test within this time frame, it could pick up on hCG from the previous pregnancy resulting in a false-positive.

Sometimes, women have chemical pregnancies which are pregnancies that miscarry shortly after a fertilized egg implants into the lining of the uterus. Many times, women are not aware that they had a miscarriage, but if they take an early pregnancy test, it will detect the hormones produced before the miscarriage and cause a false-positive.

Molar pregnancy:

Molar pregnancy is a condition that causes a uterine tumor to grow. It is caused by a genetic abnormality at conception, resulting in an abnormal pregnancy where only the male chromosomes are present. When this occurs, a dilation and curettage are required to remove the abnormal tissue.


There are certain medications that can lead to a false-positive pregnancy test. Generally, these medications contain hCG and are used to treat infertility.

Medical conditions:

Some medical conditions can result in false-positives because they cause hCG to rise when a woman is not pregnant. Some of those conditions include disorders affecting the pituitary gland, certain cancers, phantom hCG, ovarian cysts, and urinary disease or urinary tract infections.

Can Being on Your Period Cause a False-Positive Pregnancy Test?

No, being on your period will not cause a false-positive test result.


If you follow the instructions carefully, and patiently wait an extra day after a missed period, home pregnancy tests can be 99 percent accurate, according to the United States’ Office on Women’s Health.

What to Do After a Positive Pregnancy Test

Positive pregnancy tests are not conclusive. If you get a positive reading on a home pregnancy test, schedule a visit at Willow Womens Center for a medical-grade pregnancy test to confirm your results. We can help you determine how far along you are and check the viability of your pregnancy. Both of this is done by ultrasound.

Our licensed medical professionals offer no-cost pregnancy testing and ultrasound exams. Our team can answer your questions without judgment or bias, so you feel equipped to make a confident decision about your pregnancy.  

Make an appointment today at Willow Womens Center. We care about you, holistically: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and our desire is for you to feel supported in all of those areas.