How Do I Tell My Family About an Unplanned Pregnancy?

Discovering an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming. It can be even more difficult and stressful when it comes time to tell your family. Before it’s time to tell them, there are a few things you should know to prepare for the task and the potential questions that may arise. 

Be Informed 

An at-home pregnancy test isn’t always accurate. There are a few reasons the test may be wrong such as it being expired, read after too long, or misread evaporation lines. If you’ve taken a pregnancy test and aren’t sure if the results are positive, it’s time for a second opinion. An ultrasound is the only way to accurately confirm a viable pregnancy. Viability in pregnancy means the fetus likely has the ability to survive outside the uterus. There are several different types of non-viable pregnancies that would require intervention of some sort (e.g. an ectopic pregnancy). Another reason an ultrasound is vital is the dating it provides. An ultrasound provides a gestational age of the pregnancy, which allows you to accurately determine all your abortion and pregnancy options. 

It’s also recommended you have one more test performed before you have an abortive procedure. A limited STI screening is very important because if you have an abortion with an unidentified and untreated STI it may lead to further complications. During an abortive procedure, the uterus is opened up, which allows infected cells to travel. This can cause the development of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which leads to a lifelong struggle with reproductive health and possible infertility. 

Be You

One of the most important things to remember when telling your family about an unplanned pregnancy is to remain true to yourself. Don’t try to make the decision someone else wants you to make or one that someone is suggesting you make. Continuing or terminating a pregnancy is your choice and only you can make the decision. We will never try to alter your choice because we truly believe your decision will impact you and it should be one you are confident to make. We don’t take our role lightly and will take as much time as you need to explain all the choices you have to ensure you understand and feel comfortable with your decision. 

Be Empowered 

All this information can be gathered at your no-cost appointment at Willow Womens Center. We provide a safe, comforting, and empowering environment for women from all walks of life facing this situation. Willow Womens Center is conveniently located in Beloit, Wisconsin and offers medical-grade services including a pregnancy test, ultrasound, and STI tests for the two most common STIs, gonorrhea and chlamydia. We want to ensure you are thoroughly informed to make the best decision for you and empowered to tell your family about your unplanned pregnancy and your plan of action. 

Telling family about an unplanned pregnancy can be daunting, and we want to make sure you don’t walk this road alone. Make your no-cost appointment today to learn more about the care and services you’ll receive from us.

Navigating Pregnancy While Single

Navigating pregnancy while single might seem impossible, but the truth is that while it isn’t going to be the easiest thing you’ve done, and it will challenge you at times, it doesn’t have to be a scary experience.

First, know that you are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of women who have taken the same path you are on and everyone seems to have advice on the best way to handle it. There are certain things, though, that just about everyone agrees on.

Get Support

Support takes on different roles at different times during your pregnancy. Right now, you may not know who to turn to, or where to go for this. At Willow Womens Center, you will find a safe, caring, non-judgmental environment where your health and well-being come first.

Come in to see us and let our patient care team help you, answer your questions, and give you the support and resources you need for a successful journey through pregnancy.

As time goes on you will need support in different ways. Emotional support can come from those who love you—your family, friends, and maybe even a classmate or neighbor. This is not the time to go it alone. Maybe you need to move in with family or a friend in order to make it financially. Perhaps you could use a friend to go along to doctor’s appointments.

Plus, friends are great for getting you to laugh, at helping you to look on the positive side, and helping you with the practicalities of pregnancy.

Financial Support

Financial support may be your biggest concern as you ask yourself, “How can I afford this?” There are a few things to keep in mind.

Your partner will have a financial responsibility to help you.

There are some practical arrangements you could consider. One of them might be sharing housing with others in the same position you are, where housekeeping, cooking and even babysitting duties are shared, and you might be able to share rides to and from work and daycare.

At Willow Womens Center, we can point you toward community resources that will help you as well.

If your partner does not help, you may need to budget your own income.

Believe in Yourself

Doubting yourself can sabotage your future. Instead, know that believing in yourself together with hard work will take you anywhere you want to go.

Will there be times you need help and no one offers? Yes. Will you be lonely at times and feel a bit sorry for yourself? Sure. But don’t dwell on it. Don’t make it your focus. You have so many good things to be grateful for and when you focus on the positives, the rest slides into the background.

At Willow Womens Center, we see this every day. Women who find their feet, look at the positives, who work hard, and reap the rewards. We believe in you and know you can do the same.

Come to See Us

Make an appointment at Willow Womens Center and let us give you the support you need, the answers to the questions you are asking, and provide you with resources to help you navigate your pregnancy while single.

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